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Introducing Superkick Smoothies, a revolutionary way to make health food accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Founded by school friends Michael and Alex, Superkick was born from their dissatisfaction with poor quality, artificial smoothies. Through a commitment to natural and organic ingredients, they created a new superfood smoothie standard that elevates the nutritional value and taste of traditional smoothies.

Superkick’s farm-to-freezer approach prioritizes whole fruit and vegetables, harvested at peak ripeness and snap-frozen to ensure maximum freshness and quality. Free from powders, concentrates, and syrups, these blends are expertly crafted to satisfy health-conscious consumers without sacrificing flavor. With pre-washed, pre-cut, and pre-weighed ingredients packaged in ready-to-blend pouches, your business can expand its offering with minimal effort and no mess.

Stocking Superkick products offers a unique opportunity to increase profits for cafés and food service operators. By simplifying smoothie and açai bowl preparation, there’s no need for equipment, excess inventory, or elaborate staff training. These convenient smoothie packs save time, labor, and money, while promoting efficient and healthy operation.

Choosing Superkick means partnering with a brand that stands for quality, innovation, and sustainability. The success of their product line throughout Melbourne and Australia is a testament to the value your business will gain by adopting these superior smoothie blends. Don’t let your customers settle for less – treat them to the wholesome, delicious taste of Superkick Smoothies and watch your business thrive.


Check out these delicious recipes using products from Superkick.

chia cup
Chocolate and Raspberry Chia Cup
Frozen Fruit | Vegan
Christmas smoothie bowl
Christmas Smoothie Bowl
Brekkie Bowls | Smoothie Bowl | Vegan
açai bowl (1)
Carnival Daiquiri
Alcohol Alternative | Beverage | Frozen Fruit | Mocktails | Smoothies
Evergreen Smoothie
Beverage | Frozen Fruit | Smoothies
Bahama Smoothie
Beverage | Frozen Fruit | Smoothies
Amazonia Smoothie
Beverage | Frozen Fruit | Smoothie

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