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Food Business Consulting

get your commercial kitchen live and kickin'

With support from Imagine Collective you can get absolutely everything set to open a successful commercial kitchen of any size or shape. 

We match you with the right brands, products and industry experts to skyrocket your business.

Some things are better together

Like Cheese and

Like a sommelier pairs the perfect wine with its matching dish, we pair end-users with the right food partners and brands – both those we represent and those we don’t.

Our guiding star is to ensure everyone’s goals are met.

Better yet, we provide ongoing support to maintain these relationships – so you can move from strength to strength!

We break down food trends, dietary needs, why it is important to have separate prep areas and much more creating the perfect pantry list and menu.

Allow Imagine Collective to help expand and enrich your relationships while you focus on your customers (and not your cost base).

Why Choose Us?

Are you in the food and beverage service industry? Look no further!

We’re your ideal match for all things food and beverage.

Your perfect venue partner, we have everything you need from a food service consultant.

We keep our ear out for the latest industry trends and standards, keeping your heads and shoulders above your competition. 

With our expertise, we help you find the right brands, understand trends, and launch new products.

We connect you with industry experts, and of course, the best value food and beverage deals to optimise your margins.

We’re venue activation experts, guiding you through the industry with 20 years of FMCG experience.

Ready to pop?

We thrive helping brilliant businesses excel

We are the cheerleaders you need to launch or improve. 

What we do

We love helping businesses grow and thrive! At the heart of it we want to help you increase your profit margins and make your consumers happier.

Simply just toastie!

Product Sourcing

We get to know your business and find the absolute perfect product to add to your menu.

Contract Negotiation

Let us set up your ongoing agreements and partnerships to guarantee long-term success

Business Optimising

Make things run more smoothly, make more profits, get happier customers.


After we hook you up with amazing products, we educate your team on how to use or sell it.

Create the perfect menu

We can help design your pantry list and keep up with the latest trends in the market.

We keep our ear on the ground so you don't have to.

Partnership Research

We believe in also supporting and partnering with trade clients in the food industry to find the right products – whether it's in the field of HORECA, QSR, Aged Care, Cafes, or Meal-Solutions. We do the legwork and research for you.​

Easily train your team

Imagine collective can assist brands with in-the- field training, pounding the pavement, giving tips along the way.

We teach your team in real time, sharing knowledge and know-how. We'll show your how to think outside the box and get the results.

End-to-end Support

We provide adviser support and pair end-users (trade) with the right food partners and brands (inclusive of brands we do not represent).

We keep on top of food trends, help new product development ideas come to life, to help you make the right decisions for your biz.

Who do we work with?

We love working with hospitality venues & Groups that align with our own values.

Working with us lets you connect with our growing network of FMGC businesses.

our brand partners

Here are just some of the kinds of products we can currently support you with.

This is just a sampler, so be sure to get in touch even if you can't see what you need.​ We help source products to put onto your pantry list. We do the research for you while you focus on your customer and not your cost base.

Browse our Recipes

You can create so many delicious things using the products from our brands.
Here are just a few recipes to get you started.

Finger Lime Margarita
Alcohol Alternative | Mocktails | Soda
Untitled design - 2023-12-05T110938.659
Mini Apple Crumbles
Dessert | Vegan
Apple Cidecar Mocktail
Alcohol Alternative | Beverage | Mocktails
chia cup
Chocolate and Raspberry Chia Cup
Frozen Fruit | Vegan
Christmas smoothie bowl
Christmas Smoothie Bowl
Brekkie Bowls | Smoothie Bowl | Vegan
Chilli Ginger & Lime Prawns

What our clients say

Here are just a few of our glowing testimonials from people just like you.

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What we do

We offer two distinct support areas. 

Food Broker Services

Get your brand represented, connect with our network, and get your business to the next level.🍬

Best for: Food or beverage brands who want to increase the amount of people enjoying their product.

Foodservice Channel Support

Check out the foods and beverage businesses we work with and get them into your kitchen. 🌶️

Best for: Foodservice channels and FMCG businesses looking to add something new to their offering. 

Get the end-to-end support you need to keep your pantry in check and keep up with the latest food trends. 🥑

Best for: Any venue needing help to revitalise or open food or beverage channels. 

Check out our food & bev partners. Tell us what you want, and we will send you something yummy. 😋

Best for: Hospo venues channels and FMCG distributors looking to add something new to their offering.