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We are your eyes and ears, way better than Google! Trust in us to find the very best food or beverage for your business. 


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Stock your shelves with our Imagine brands for free! We’re here to spice up your venue with our tasty treats. Let’s chat about how we can support you and of course, send over a cheeky sample. It’s all the flavour, none of the cost!


We find a Product


Seeking the perfect gourmet addition for your menu? Let our culinary superheroes find it! We’re way better than Google. We’re matchmakers in the food world, ready to spice up your offerings and delight your patrons!


Get a New Menu


Need a pantry revamp? Our band of culinary champions is all set to make their move! We’ll scour the food scene for trendy, allergen-friendly products and do all the research and support menu development too. Let’s cook up some magic!


New Product Development


Need a product made for your group? Our band of culinary champions is all set to make their move! We’ll scour the food scene for your ideal products and do all the research and support development to make this happen. It’s time to create your perfect product. 

We're specialists in foodie match making

Choosing Imagine Collective is like adding the perfect seasoning to your culinary business. We offer tailored product research, matching your venue with the ideal brand. Our services extend from free consultations, where we serve up tasty insights and samples, to comprehensive pantry overhauls that identify market trends and potential allergens.

We collaborate on all stages of new product development, turning your food concept into a tantalizing reality. With us, your gastronomy goals are just a bite away!

Browse our brands

Stocking an Imagine Collective brand is like finding the crème de la crème for your café, hotel or restaurant.

We serve up products that are the toast of the town, adding a dash of pizzazz to your venue. You get on-trend items, plus, we can get these brands in your biz for free, talk about a cherry on top!

Beverage | Low Alcohol | Mocktails | Zero Alcohol
Premium low and zero alcohol vodka sodas, blending health-conscious ingredients with innovative flavours.
Cleaning Products
Offering sustainable, biodegradable products for aged care facilities and hotels, driving environmental responsibility with a commitment to zero waste, zero plastic, and zero harm.
Saucy Wench Gourmet Foods
Dumplings | Sauces | Spring Rolls
Authentic Asian sauces and handmade dumplings made from fresh local produce, with gluten-free and vegan options available.
Alcohol | Beverage
Discover Kiso Chuhi, an innovative Aussie-Japanese fusion beverage boasting a perfect 6% ABV, low calories, and zero sugar, crafted entirely from vegan ingredients.
Untitled design (63)
Barnes & Brown
Alcohol Alternative | Beverage | Mocktails
Handcrafted and blended in Australia. This range speaks to people who want a healthier way to relax and unwind.  Crafted to look and taste just like the classics.
Untitled design (64)
Açai Bowls | Food | Pre-cut Avo | Pre-cut Fruit | Smoothies
Ready to blend portion controlled smoothie packs, made from a mixture of natural, organic and wholesome ingredients. A range of 1kg IQF frozen avocado and fruits.


Get inspired! Check out our delicious Imagine Collective recipes.

Finger Lime Margarita
Alcohol Alternative | Mocktails | Soda
Untitled design - 2023-12-05T110938.659
Mini Apple Crumbles
Dessert | Vegan
Apple Cidecar Mocktail
Alcohol Alternative | Beverage | Mocktails
chia cup
Chocolate and Raspberry Chia Cup
Frozen Fruit | Vegan
Christmas smoothie bowl
Christmas Smoothie Bowl
Brekkie Bowls | Smoothie Bowl | Vegan
Chilli Ginger & Lime Prawns
Crispy Saucy Wench Plum Sauce Chicken
Szechuan Cauliflower Stir-fry
açai bowl (1)
Carnival Daiquiri
Alcohol Alternative | Beverage | Frozen Fruit | Mocktails | Smoothies
Evergreen Smoothie
Beverage | Frozen Fruit | Smoothies
Bahama Smoothie
Beverage | Frozen Fruit | Smoothies
Amazonia Smoothie
Beverage | Frozen Fruit | Smoothie
acai bowl (2)
Tropical Bowl
Brekkie Bowls | Food | Frozen Fruit
acai bowl (1)
Dragonfruit Bowl
Brekkie Bowls | Frozen Fruit
acai bowl
Açai Bowl
Açai Bowls | Brekkie Bowls | Frozen Fruit
whiskey sour
Whiskey Sour
Alcohol Alternative | Beverage | Mocktails
tequila sunrise
Tequila Sunrise
Alcohol Alternative | Beverage | Mocktails
pina colada
Piña Colada
Alcohol Alternative | Beverage | Mocktails
old fashioned
Old Fashioned
Alcohol Alternative | Beverage | Mocktails
Alcohol Alternative | Beverage | Mocktails
margarita (2)
Classic Margarita
Alcohol Alternative | Beverage | Mocktails
Alcohol Alternative | Beverage | Mocktails
Frozen Watermelon Margarita
Alcohol Alternative | Beverage | Frozen Fruit | Mocktails
Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri
Alcohol Alternative | Beverage | Frozen Fruit | Mocktails
Alcohol Alternative | Beverage | Mocktails

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What we do

We offer two distinct support areas. 

Food Broker Services

Get your brand represented, connect with our network, and get your business to the next level.🍬

Best for: Food or beverage brands who want to increase the amount of people enjoying their product.

Foodservice Channel Support

Check out the foods and beverage businesses we work with and get them into your kitchen. 🌶️

Best for: Foodservice channels and FMCG businesses looking to add something new to their offering. 

Get the end-to-end support you need to keep your pantry in check and keep up with the latest food trends. 🥑

Best for: Any venue needing help to revitalise or open food or beverage channels. 

Check out our food & bev partners. Tell us what you want, and we will send you something yummy. 😋

Best for: Hospo venues channels and FMCG distributors looking to add something new to their offering.

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