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Food Broker FAQs

How do food brokers get paid?

When it comes to FMCG businesses, food brokers are the real MVPs. But what exactly is a food broker? Simply put, they are intermediaries that work to bring FMCG companies and retailers together. Their main job is to facilitate sales between the two parties and help increase profitability for all sides.

So how do these miracle workers make money? Well, everyone’s favourite four-letter word: fees! Food brokers usually charge a combination of one-off fees, commission-based fees and ongoing fee structures.

One-off fees are generally charged for things like product promotion or market penetration. Usually, these will be a flat rate that the food broker and FMCG company negotiate beforehand.

Commission-based fees are paid when a product is sold to a retailer by the broker. The percentage of the sale that goes to the food broker varies depending on the FMCG company, but it is generally between 5-15%.

Finally, ongoing fee structures cover services like pricing and inventory management as well as long-term promotion with retailers. This fee structure is often negotiated between FMCG companies and brokers in order to ensure mutual benefit for both parties over an extended period of time.

The good news is FMCG businesses can usually trust that the food brokers they’re working with will help them make more money – after all, increased profits mean increased fees for everyone! So don’t be afraid to bring on a food broker and see if they can give your FMGC business the boost it needs.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a food broker, and let them work their magic! They might just be the key to unlocking FMCG success. Good luck!

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