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How we can help

Imagine Collective has the people power, relationships, and sales expertise to elevate your brand from zero to hero. 

Whether you’re an established brand or an up-and-comer, our cost-effective business model as food and beverage brokers gives FMCG food partners direct access to the staff, expertise, and reach they need (minus the expensive overheads and effort of hiring and managing a team!). 

What can we do for you?

We toot your horn, so you don’t have to. Imagine Collective prides itself on becoming an extension of your brand and team. We help brands enter new foodservice markets in areas where they have no existing business or support. Wearing our superhero capes, we swoop in to find the best pathway to success for your brand. 

Imagine Collective gets your brand and product in front of the right people (at the right time).

Our team provides account management services, assists with forecasting, handles promotions, and acts as your boots on the ground when it comes to focus channels and distributor support. We give you access to industry professionals with strengths in marketing, sales, route-to-market strategy management, and building B2B and B2C pipeline opportunities. And we work closely with brands, importers, and food manufacturers to achieve their unique goals and distribute their products into markets across Queensland, Australia and beyond. 

We’re all about human connection

We’re the matchmakers who insist on introducing you to our compatible friends. (But our friends are relevant, strong connections across foodservice channels and distributor networks). We value face-to-face relationships and travel regularly across Australia. Based in Brisbane, we have a close eye on the Queensland market (and extensive insider knowledge of the Southeast Queensland food scene). 


The nitty gritty: Our Services As a Food & Beverage Broker

Step-by-step, we help you with:

  • Matching your products with foodservice wholesalers and manufacturers – we recruit the right distributor partner based on your brand’s needs and manage this ongoing relationship for you.
  • Identifying the best pathway to market and generating leads
  • Finding tender and contract specialists
  • Marketing materials and promotional support
  • Brand awareness ideas
  • New product development opportunities
  • Sales strategy for your business 
  • Maintaining a steady profit based on volume, margins, and sales
  • Increasing B2B and B2C sales, and
  • Moving excess stock via our key industry relationships.
  • Creating tools of the trade for sales teams, and
  • Providing education on how to go to market. 
  • Staff education
  • End-user training 
  • MAT leave contracts

Our focus areas include: 

  • Hotels/Pubs/Clubs
  • Catering
  • Quick service restaurants (QSR)
  • Cafés and fine dining
  • Health and aged care
  • Foodservice sales management
  • Distribution group management
  • Channel management plans

We build your brand through distrubutor's

With our client-centric focus, Imagine Collective enriches and expands your product’s supply chains through distributor management & or build direct to trade business model – to achieve your specific goals.

We assist with order management and follow-through to ensure your brand’s relationship is direct with distributors and end-user customers. These committed, long-term relationships create accelerated sales and growth in the Australian market.

Imagine Collective’s food & beverage brokerage relationship management builds rich and wide-ranging partnerships between customer, brand, and distribution networks.

We imagine new and innovative ways to increase your profit and brand awareness across distributors (such as NAFDA, Countrywide, BIDFOODS, PFD and other areas).

Learn all about who we are, our values and how we work. 🍍 

Explore the distinct areas we can offer support with. 🥑 

Get to know the amazing brands we support. 

Go over the most asked questions and answers about food brokers. 🍸 

Get some yummys!

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What we do

We offer two distinct support areas. 

Food Broker Services

Get your brand represented, connect with our network, and get your business to the next level.🍬

Best for: Food or beverage brands who want to increase the amount of people enjoying their product.

Foodservice Channel Support

Check out the foods and beverage businesses we work with and get them into your kitchen. 🌶️

Best for: Foodservice channels and FMCG businesses looking to add something new to their offering. 

Get the end-to-end support you need to keep your pantry in check and keep up with the latest food trends. 🥑

Best for: Any venue needing help to revitalise or open food or beverage channels. 

Check out our food & bev partners. Tell us what you want, and we will send you something yummy. 😋

Best for: Hospo venues channels and FMCG distributors looking to add something new to their offering.

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