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Food Broker FAQs

What is an FMCG business?

Have you ever wondered if your food or beverage business is primed to be positioned in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry? Let’s carve into what makes a food or beverage business part of this bustling sector. We promise to keep it as easy as spreading Vegemite on toast!

1. Daily Staples: Designed for Frequent Use 

FMCG products are like your morning cuppa – used often, perhaps daily. Consider pantry essentials like bread or milk. If your product is as crucial to your customers’ everyday life as a Tim Tam slam, then you’re dishing up an FMCG!

2. Fast Foods: Consumed Quickly 

FMCG items disappear faster than fairy bread at a kid’s party. For example, a customer might buy a fresh loaf from their local bakery and finish it off the same day. If your product has a shorter shelf-life than a pavlova on Christmas day, you’re baking in the FMCG oven.

3. Top Sellers: High Demand 

The demand for FMCGs is higher than the temperature on a scorching summer day in the Outback. This could be due to their affordability, practicality, or simply because they’re as delicious as a lamington. You’re grilling in the FMCG arena if your product is flying off the shelves quicker than a sausage roll at a footy match.

4. Budget Bites: Low Cost 

FMCGs are typically more accessible on the pocket than other types of goods on the market. They’re more ‘loaf of bread’ than ‘designer handbag’. If your product is more affordable than a round of beers at the local pub, then you’re stirring in the FMCG pot.Understanding these key ingredients can help you decide if your food or beverage business is simmering in the FMCG industry or if it’s a market you should consider dipping your ladle into. Remember, in the FMCG world, it’s all about serving up what Aussies crave, when they crave it, and at a price, they’re willing to fork out. Now, that’s a recipe for success!

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